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Pure CBD Cannabis-Oil 5%

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20 ml

Base price: 379,35 € each 100 ml


100 percent natural cannabis. 100 percent life - Use the incredible power of one of the oldest cultivated plants for the good of your health

"With a pocket full of hash, you can always have a bash." Sounds familiar? That, or something like it, was a battle cry in Germany for whole entire generations. The intoxicating plant product is still in widespread use throughout the world today, and today, the substances it contains are also making a successful career as highly efficacious medicines.

But what is hashish precisely? Well, the name “hashish” is an Arabic word and means “grass”. Hash and grass, though, are not the same thing. Hashish (“hash”) is in fact the resin from the female cannabis plant, whereas “grass” is the expression used for the dried, unprocessed flowers of the female cannabis plant. The psychoactive (intoxicating) effect caused by the THC content is also stronger with hashish than with grass.

Apropos THC: Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most frequently occurring cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. It should be noted in this context that altogether, the cannabis plant contains over 480 known active substances. Of these active substances, or “agents”, however, around 80 are found exclusively in cannabis and are therefore known as cannabinoids. They interact with many different receptors in the human body and are therefore able to influence or initiate a large number of processes, in particular in the brain and nervous system.

The second most frequently occurring cannabinoid in the cannabis plant is CBD (cannabidiol). In contrast to THC, however, CBD is classified as non-psychoactive. While CBD can act positively on the mood and mind of users, consumption of it has no intoxicating effect. The mode of action is completely different to that of THC. And it is precisely this substance, i.e. CBD, that is contained in our pure Cannabis Oil with its natural CBD content.

In recent years, researchers have taken a keen interest in cannabidiol, or CBD - not least because of its enormous medical potential. It is believed that CBD can be put to good use for dealing with a very wide range of health challenges. And as CBD counts as non-psychoactive, the corresponding products can be purchased legally in Germany and also most other countries of the world, provided the CBD is obtained through a natural extraction process and the maximum quantity of THC, which is allowed by the European Commission, is not exceeded. This is rather similar to the situation with regard to non-alcoholic beer, which can be termed “alcohol-free” as long as its alcohol content is no more than 0.5 percent by volume.

Pure CBD products (this means absolutely without or only with a small content of prescription THC) are used by millions of people worldwide, and their popularity is growing. But what is the reason for this? Why do millions of users swear by this cannabinoid, obtained from the cultivated cannabis plant? The answer is: Because of the endocannabinoid system! Oh no, not yet another unpronounceable word. But don’t worry. Everything’s alright. The name may be unpronounceable, but it refers to something we all have in our bodies. So it’s something very near and dear to us. If we take a closer look at it, it will soon become clear why millions of people swear by CBD. And, incidentally, not just people – animals, too.

The prefix “endo” is a shortened form of “endogenous”, which really means “originating from within the organism”. And that is precisely the case: The endocannabinoid system is part of your nervous system. The nervous system will be basically familiar: Without it, there’s nothing doing! Weighing altogether only around 2 kg, the nervous system is startlingly complex; after all, it consists of several billion nerve cells, which are, so to speak, the control mechanism for all our functions. Not one of our organs could work without the nervous system. Nor would it be possible for us to register stimuli from the world around us. Breathing, the digestion and metabolism, motor functions, the heartbeat and so on... all that would all be simply impossible but for our nervous system.

The nervous system itself is addressed by means of so-called receptors. The word “receptor” is derived from the Latin word “recipere”, meaning “receive”. And that is what they do: Receptors are the transmitters and receivers that exchange messenger substances (information). The nervous system can perhaps be imagines like a long road or street through which a postman or postwoman goes, putting the letters in the various mailboxes letterboxes. These letters contain the information for the nervous system. The letter content (messenger substances) may be good or bad, but it determines our lives, for the letters (information) influence our sensitivity to pain, our immune system, all kinds of feelings such as anger, joy, love etc.

Altogether, there are five different kinds of receptors (postmen/women) at work in our nervous system, i.e. which are crucial for the delivery of vital information. Two of them share a very special delivery area within the nervous system: the endocannabinoid system. This is where the postmen/women with the names “cannabinoid receptor CB1” and “cannabinoid receptor CB2” work. Have you noticed anything? Cannabinoid receptors! An interesting name, isn’t it?! They are called that because they can be influenced by cannabidiol. But we will come back to that later.

To put it in simplified terms, the CB1 cannabinoid receptors are responsible within the endocannabinoid system for keeping our nervous system connected, for our motor functions, for steering the appetite, for reducing fear, for our mental performance and also, for example, for regulating our sensitivity to pain. But these are in fact only a small number of the functions and factors that are controlled by the CB1 receptors.

These receptors are mostly to be found in the cerebellum, on the nerve cells and also in the bowel. Through the positioning on the nerve cells, incidentally, research is currently in progress into the extent to which CB1 receptors can be used in the treatment of a range of nerve damage conditions and neurodegenerative illnesses, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

The CB2 receptors, on the other hand, are mostly to be found in the immune cells, and their principal function is controlling our immune system. This therefore means that both types of receptor are of vital importance for us humans within our complex nervous system.

And now we come to the really interesting point that was briefly indicated above – so now please take note: The endocannabinoid system can be influenced by chemical and also herbal substances. You will probably agree that that is a highly fascinating fact! And now guess what substance is able to influence the endocannabinoid system. Correct: CBD! For CBD, this part of the nervous system is the landing pad, so to speak. From here, the precious active substance contained in cannabidiol can take effect throughout the human body. The messenger substances of the two CB1 and CB2 receptors are stimulated positively by the CBD. And this is a good thing, because deficiencies in the messenger substances within our nervous system can put a strain on our health and in the worst case even lead to various illnesses. This relates to both physical and mental health conditions.

To put this more simply: Imagined that in the event of a need to combat a health condition, the two receptors do not send out sufficient messenger substances for them to be understood by the body as a call to arms against the impending health problem. The CBD helps these receptors to transmit the signals (messenger substances) that are normally needed for this purpose. That is basically all that happens. But the effects are not far short of a mini-miracle.

However, this miracle is understandable if you remember that the endocannabinoid system is present in almost all organs and tissues of the body. Whether the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, the liver, the immune system, the reproductive organs, the bones, the muscles, the lungs, the hormonal glands, the eyes or the skin.

So, for example, virtually all gastrointestinal functions are regulated by endocannabinoids. The activation of CB1 receptors stimulates the intestinal movements, suppresses the secretion of acid and liquid and causes the blood vessels that serve the intestines to be dilated. The activation of CB1 receptors on hormone cells in the bowel activates substances that signal feelings of hunger. In the case of strains on the health of the bowel, activation of the CB2 receptor can normalise the intestinal mobility. The endocannabinoid system is also important for maintaining normal stomach health.

The endocannabinoid system also plays a key role in the regulation of biological processes of the skin, the biggest organ of the human body. Many areas of the skin, including the hair follicles from which the hairs grow, the sebaceous glands, sweat glands and skin cells themselves produce endocannabinoids. CB1 and CB2 receptors have also been shown to be present in most types of skin cells.

Studies have shown that cannabinoids inhibit the multiplication of over-active keratocytes, which may be of benefit for the preservation of normal and healthy skin.

It is truly incredible how many things in the body are controlled by the endocannabinoid system.

Equally incredible is what millions of people have already experienced thanks to using CBD as a catalyst. For copyright reasons, we are unfortunately not allowed to mention them all here – but even if we were, it would take up far too much space. However, the Internet contains lots of studies and also personal reports of users who have experienced truly unbelievable things with CBD. It is worthwhile clicking on the relevant search engines. Google alone shows over 108,000 hits in response to the search word CBD.

We are very proud to be able to offer you highly efficacious cannabis oil containing natural CBD, and in the purest form. It is very important to emphasise this fact for it cannot be automatically assumed that every producer who writes CBD on the label genuinely offers pure cannabis oil containing CBD. The oil may have been blended or diluted in order to obtain a more favourable price. We view such practices as unacceptable, for what is at stake is the most precious asset you own – your health.

From us, therefore, you will receive only pure cannabis oil extract that has been standardised in terms of its natural CBD content. The incredible effects of CBD have already been demonstrated in numerous studies. The cannabis oil used by us is EU-certified! Free of further additives! Suitable for vegans and vegetarians!

The background to this is that our “CBD Cannabis Oil” is obtained from carefully selected cannabis sativa plants. Production takes place in Germany, in conformity with the highest quality and safety standards.

Our CBD Cannabis Oil is highly dosed. 1 bottle of pure CBD Cannabis Oil contains 10 ml with a 5% natural cannabidiol (CBD) content.

8 drops contain: Cannabis oil - 240 mg, contain CBD (Cannabidiol) = 12 mg

Recommended method of use: Please use the pipette made of natural rubber to dribble a maximum 8 drops daily into the mouth. We recommend that if possible you dribble the drops onto the floor of the mouth below the tongue and retain them in the mouth for as long as possible (about 60 seconds) before swallowing. Tip: When you start taking our CBD Cannabis Oil, begin with just one drop and gradually increase the number of drops until you achieve the optimum nutritional or physiological effect.

In low temperatures, the oil may become thick and viscous. This is a normal physical characteristic of the oil. Tip: Briefly warm the bottle in your hand before use; this should then ensure problem-free application using the natural rubber pipette.

Do not exceed the recommended maximum daily does as stated.

Information for diabetics: Suitable for diabetics. The product contains 0 CE (carbohydrate exchange) units.

Caution: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle



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Vielen Dank für solch ein tolles Produkt! Ich gebe es auch meinem Hund! Danke Herr _Felte!
from Monika on 29.04.2018
Das CBD Öl hat mir geholfen von einem starken Schmerzmittel wegzukommen. Toll. Danke
from Ulrike on 04.05.2018
Nach langjäährigen schmerzen habe ich endlich auf Ihrer tollen Seite das Cannabis Öl gefunden ich bin echt begeistert über die Wirkungen!!!!
from Dieter on 16.05.2018
Mein Lieblingsprodukt! Das will ich nie mehr missen ich liebe das Produkt ich muss keine Arzneimittel mehr kaufen und komme super gut zurecht mit dem CBD Öl!
from Michaela on 20.05.2018
Mir fehlen bei diesem Produkt wirklich die Worte. Da kann man nur DANKE sagen. Ich gehöre zu Kxxxxxxxxxxpatienten und Tabletten mussten für einen Anfall immer dabei sein. Aber seit CBD brauche ich meine Tabletten nicht mehr. Ich brauche nur noch CBD. Wenn ich merke es kommt ein Schub dann träufel ich mir die Tropfen unter die Zunge und es dauert keine halbe Stunde dann ist alles weg.
from Maik on 30.05.2018
Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen!! Top!!
from Gerhard on 13.07.2018
Ich hatte mir vor längerer Zeit einen doppelten Schienbeinkopftrümmerbruch am rechten Bein erlitten und vor 2 Jahren einen Fersenbeinbruch.
Das ganze war all die Jahre von unregelmäßigen Sxxxxxxxx gesegnet.
Es haben keine Sxxxxxxtabletten so richtig geholfen.
Seit ich das CBD Öl nehme gehören meine Sxxxxxxxx zur Vergangenheit.
Jetzt werde ich mir noch die adulten Stammzellen Presslinge bestellen !
from Petra on 23.09.2018
CBD-öl ist einfach das gold unter der Nahrungsergänzung, ich habe teilweise 1200mg Ibuprfen täglich gebraucht um meine kopfschmerzen loszuwerden,jetzt wenn es hoch kommt mal eine davon.nein nicht täglich. mein magen dankt es mir schon
from Gerhild on 08.12.2018
Mein Papa...88 Jahre alt aber normal sehr fit, kam relativ unerwartet mit starken Schmerzen und sehr hohem Fieber ins Krankenhaus. Nachdem er eine Woche unbehandelt “rumlag” kam es plötzlich zu einer Not-OP, in welcher ihm fast der ganze Dickdarm entfernt werden musste und es wurde ein künstlicher Darmausgang gelegt. Fakt war total erschöpft und mehrfach wollte man ihn nach Hause entlassen, doch jedesmal kam wieder eins zum anderen...noch eine OP etc. Er wurde immer depressiver und verzweifelter...der Heilungsprozess setzte nicht richtig ein und die verabreichten Schmerzmittel halfen überhaupt nicht. Also habe ich meine Mama beauftragt, ihm die volle Dröhnung zu verabreichen.
Das heißt...CBD Happy gegen seine Depressionen, CBD Immun gegen die Infektionen und CBD Öl gegen die Schmerzen...zusätzlich CBD Stem für die Regeneration...
Was soll ich euch sagen...20 Minuten nach der ersten Einnahme waren die Schmerzen weg (am 03.12. war die letzte OP) seine Stimmung verbesserte sich unmittelbar und schon am nächsten Tag konnte das ganze Umfeld eine aktive Verbesserung feststellen...und der ist total verrückt und ich kann verstehen, wenn Außenstehende sagen: “Das ist überhaupt nicht möglich!” Aber es ist möglich!! In der Klinik versteht keiner so richtige, warum es plötzlich in 7-Meilen-Schritten vorwärts geht. Aber wir wissen es besser.
Frank ich danke Dir von Herzen für die tollen Produkte. Ich bin davon überzeugt, dass Sie meinen Papa zurück gebracht haben. Er wurde heute aus dem Krankenhaus entlassen!! Und wir haben erst den 08.12. - 5 Tage nach der letzten OP.
Ich würde diese Nachricht auch gern bei den anderen Produkten teilen, denn da gehören Sie auch hin!!
from Adelheid on 10.01.2019
Dank CBD-Öl ist meine Migräne die mich Jahrzehnte arg geplagt hat verschwunden sowie die Wehwechen an den Gelenken; habe wieder viel an Lebensqualität dazu gewonnen!
from Alexandra on 10.01.2019
Hilft mir persönlich immer super bei akuten Kopfschmerzen. Muss keine Kopfschmerztabletten mehr nehmen!
from Jennifer on 11.01.2019
Das Öl ist DER KNALLER! Danke an Natura Vitalis, PMS und deren Symptome extremer Stimmungsschwankungen mit depressiven Gedanken sind EINFACH weg!!!!Genau wie Kopfschmerzen, Verspannungen durchs viele Arbeiten am Bildschirm sowie Schlafstörungen. Ich habe eine schwere Zeit hinter mir, mit großer psychischer Belastung und auch einer Verhaltenstherapie. Durch das CBD-Öl kann ich einfach loslassen und mir vor allem meinem UMFELD (Kind und Mann) geht's durch positives Verhalten besser - sozusagen der Beziehungsretter schlecht hin! DANKE
from Jacqueline on 14.01.2019
Bin total begeistert! Seit ich das 5%ige CBD-Öl + Spiruletten nehme schlafe ich viel besser (leide seit 5 Jahren an Schlafstörungen) und bin tagsüber nicht mehr müde :) Danke!
from Monika on 08.02.2019
Die Lieferung erfolgte zeitnah nach der Bestellung.
Mein Mann und ich haben durch die Einnahme sehr positive Erfahrungen gemacht. Ich kann, seit ich die Tropfen nehme, deutlich besser durchschlafen. Dass die Tropfen sich auch so positiv auf meine Verdauung auswirken, damit hatte ich absolut nicht gerechnet.
Auch unsere sehr ängstliche Hündin bekommt ein Tröpfchen, was sich auch schon positiv ausgewirkt hat.

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